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ESSEN 2018

1st & Goal: Northeast Division

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1st & Goal: Northeast Division
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1st & Goal 1st & Goal

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1st & Goal: Northeast Division, an expansion for 1st & Goal, contains 28 dice which make up 4 custom teams. The Dice Football League (DFL) Northeast Division includes the following teams: • Boston Bombers - The Bombers enter the league with the 9th ranked running game and the 20th ranked passing game. Despite a lopsided offense, the Bombers have a top twenty defense. Coach Pete Sapalla states, "We’re pretty good on the ground, I expect us to roll through most defenses and slice ‘em up." Leading rusher Pat Riot commented: "Coach has some revolutionary new plays that give me a lot of liberty on the field." • Manchester Marauders - The Marauders enter the league with the #1 ranked running game and the 10th ranked passing game. Despite a strong offense, the Marauders have a less than stellar defense. Coach Frank Merrill states, "We’re going to put up a heckuva fight this year. We don’t have much support in the air department so you’ll see a lot of emphasis on the ground game." Star running back Hugh Mungus commented: "Just give me the ball. I’ll find a way through the lines. " • Newark Nighthawks - The Nighthawks enter the league with the 21st ranked running game and the 18th ranked passing game. Despite a weak offense, the Nighthawks have the #2 defense. Coach Mack Aroni states, "Sometimes I get a little cheesed off at our half baked offense, but our defense? Boy are deze guys good. No meatballs on that squad." Defensive end Bubba Ganooj commented: "We can take whatever the opposition dishes out. I’ll mash up anybody who gets in my way." • Rochester Rockets - The Rockets enter the league with the 20th ranked running game and the 3rd ranked passing game. Despite an uneven offense, the Rockets do have a top ten defense. Coach Red Glare states, "We have a really explosive passing game. Our new quarterback can really launch it." Quarterback Rocco Gibralter commented: "Thanks to me and my arm, we have a pretty solid offense this year. I pretty much stay in the pocket and fire."

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Barcode: 631080116529
Price : 14,90 €
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