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A Chacun Son Butin !

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A Chacun Son Butin !
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Playing Time Playing time
20 min.
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

HABA - Habermaaß GmbH
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Categories Categories
- Educational - Pirates -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Memory -
Authors Authors
- Markus Hagenauer -

This title is also known as
- À chacun son butin ! - Ammutinamento selvaggio - Motín descomunal - Reckless Mutiny - Wilde Meuterei - Woeste muiterij -
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"A Chacun Son Butin !"
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Captain Peg-leg and his crew have captured a load of booty. Now it's time to distribute it, piece by piece. But watch out that nobody makes a mistake! Otherwise parrot Koko will raise the alarm and reckless mutiny will ensue. Which pirate with good memory skills will be the fastest at snatching and win the most treasure pieces? Reckless Mutiny is a memory game about pirates dividing their booty according to the old pirate law. Players take turns drawing a booty card, showing it to all other players, then placing it face down in front of a pirate – but no pirate may get two cards in a row with the same kind of booty or with booty of the same color, so you must always remember the last card placed in front of each pirate. If a player thinks a booty card was misplaced, he grabs the parrot and shouts "Reckless Mutiny!" Players look at their booty cards, and if the card was placed incorrectly, the player who grabbed the parrot gets the booty card. If the card was placed correctly, the player who placed that card – that is, the one who was wrongfully accused – gets the card instead. Play continues until all 56 booty cards have been distributed, and whoever acquires the most cards wins. Reckless Mutiny includes variants for more experienced players. One variant use the money cards in the booty deck, with the captains needing to place all of these cards in numerical order. Thus, if a money card is drawn, the player must recall all the other money cards already played and place that card in the right position. In another variant you flip a coin to determine whether you place booty cards as in the basic game or whether you place them on a card that shares at least one common characteristic (color or kind of booty).

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Barcode: 4010168057705
Price : 12,99 €
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