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Playing Time Playing time
150 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Wonder Games
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Categories Categories
- Fantasy - Fighting - Historical -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Worker Placement -
Authors Authors
- Niels Wonsyld -

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"After the king’s death, your country is at civil war, and the mayor of your town seeks the most powerful conjurer to lead the troops against rival armies from neighbor towns. You know that if you could prove yourself worthy of leading these troops, fame and wealth would follow. By assembling the most powerful army of mythological creatures equipped with rare artifacts, you will beat the other conjurers in town." During the twelve rounds of "Conjurers", the conjuring players and their assistants struggle to gather sufficient resources to purchase powerful items and magical artifacts. Simultaneously, they need to build up their armies of mythological creatures in order to wage war against increasingly powerful beasts and rivaling conjurers alike. The conjurers will have to fight at the mythological battlegrounds of Olympus Mons, Valhalla, Shangri La, Garden of Eden, and Duat in order to force the defeated creatures to be summoned to future battles at the conjurers' demand. Time is of the essence, each turn is valuable, and faulty decisions can cost you dearly. "Conjurers" takes place in a mythological universe and is a game of priorities and strategy, which allows for a high degree of diversity from game to game. So buckle up, and prepare for an intense and challenging experience from start to finish. Game description: "Conjurers" is a strategy board game based on five different mythologies: The Biblical, the Egyptian, the Greek, the Japanese, and the Norse. The objective is to collect the highest number of points, which are all counted by the end of the game, after round 12. Points may be gathered through creatures, artifacts, and resources. A player may choose a strategy of striving for one or more of various point bonuses, such as an Abundance Bonus, which is unlocked by controlling a large number of creatures within the same mythology by the end of the game. It is therefore possible to disrupt the plans and strategies of the opponents throughout the game – if you succeed in figuring out their strategy. "Conjurers" is a worker placement game, which consists of 4 phases, each with 3 rounds. At the start of each phase new actions are unlocked. The primary actions are to: • gather resources • buy items and artifacts • hire assistants to get more actions • attempt to gain control of a mythological creature by defeating it in battle • collect feed for your creatures • sacrifice creatures to gain resources and optimize your army • duel the other conjurers Each player starts with one conjurer figure, one assistant figure, and three level 1 creatures in their armies. If a player allocates the conjurer figure or the warrior assistant to one of the mythological battlegrounds, he or she may choose any creature, level 2 – 5, from the given mythology and fight it. If the player defeats the creature, he or she collects it, and it becomes part of that player’s army. A conjurer can only bring three creatures from the army into each battle. The fighting creatures are chosen at random after the player has declared which mythological creature he or she is attempting to defeat. Optimizing your army is therefore vital if you wish to try to collect the higher level creatures. Please note that "Conjurers" is a worker placement game; the battle sequences are rather brief, and it is the strategic decisions on point combinations and player interaction which is at the heart of the game. Good luck, and enjoy.

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