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DOG Cards

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DOG Cards
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Playing Time Playing time
20 - 20 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Schmidt Spiele
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No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Card Game -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Hand Management - Pattern Recognition -
Authors Authors
- Michael Kiesling - Wolfgang Kramer -

This title is also known as
- ドッグ カードゲーム -
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"DOG Cards"
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In DOG Cards, players need to create rows of number cards in front of them from 1 to 14. The first player to create two rows — or in a four-player game, the first team in which each teammate has created a row — wins. The deck consists of 104 number cards from 1-14 as well as 8 jokers and 8 thieves. To set up, each player receives a hand of seven or five cards (depending on the number of players) and a row of 13 cards is laid face up on the table; if any numbered card is in a position that matches its number — e.g., the number 2 in the second position — discard this card and replace it with another card from the deck. On a turn, a player takes one of five actions: Discard a number card, buy the card in this position from the face-up row, then draw a new card to fill this slot. A joker can buy any card. Start a new row with a 1/11 card or a 13 card, or add to an existing row. (In the team game, you can play on your row or your teammate's.) You must add the cards in ascending numerical order, with a joker substituting for any non-14 card. Swap a number card for a joker in someone's row, adding the joker to your hand. Use the special power of a card, with the thief allowing you to steal a card from the end of someone's row, the 14 netting you any card in the discard pile, the 7 grabbing one of the seven top cards in the deck, and the 4 buying any of the first eight face-up cards. Discard a card, then draw a new card from the top of the deck. When you complete a row by placing the 14, place the other thirteen cards in the discard pile, with discards being shuffled to form a new deck if needed.

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Barcode: 4001504750190
Price : 8,99 €
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