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Das magische Labyrinth: Erweiterung

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Das magische Labyrinth: Erweiterung
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Playing Time Playing time
20 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Drei Magier Spiele
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Categories Categories
- Educational - Action / Dexterity -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Memory -
Authors Authors
- Dirk Baumann -
This is an expansion of This is an expansion of
Das Magische Labyrinth Das Magische Labyrinth

This title is also known as
- Het Magische Labyrint: Uitbreiding - Il Labyrinto Magico: Estensione del Gioco - Le Labyrinth Magique: Expansion - The Magic Labyrinth: Extension -
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"Das magische Labyrinth: Erweiterung"
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The 2009 Kinderspiel des Jahres winner – Dirk Baumann's Das magische Labyrinth – receives a slim expansion for 2011. In the base game, players move their magnetized figures across a game board in order to claim symbols, but a metal ball is attached to their figure underneath the board; if they try to pass through a hidden wall in the labyrinth under the board, they lose their marble and return to their starting corner. Remember where the hidden walls lie underneath the game board, and you'll graduate from being an apprentice magician in no time. Das magische Labyrinth: Erweiterung adds only a handful of elements to the base game: eight magic walls (that can replace up to eight walls from the basic game) along with four magic wands, magic potions and nightcaps, with each player receiving one of each of these objects. On a turn, a player can use the power of one of these objects, then remove it from the game: The nightcap covers another player, costing her a turn; the potion lets you move as far as you would like, until hit the target symbol or a wall; and the wand lets you replace the symbol with a new one from the bag before moving. As for the magic walls, they allow movement through a section of the labyrinth in only one direction. Approach from one direction, and the wall will fold over and let you pass. Approach the other way, however, and *snap* there goes your marble. It's back to start for you, Merlin...

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Price : 13,49 €
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