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Deckscape: Il mistero di Eldorado

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Deckscape: Il mistero di Eldorado
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Playing Time Playing time
30 - 90 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

dV Giochi
Language dependence Language dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be play
Useful links Useful links
Categories Categories
- Card Game - Puzzle - Real-time -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
Authors Authors
- Martino Chiacchiera - Silvano Sorrentino -

This title is also known as
- Deckscape: Das Geheimnis von Eldorado - Deckscape: Il Mistero di Eldorado -
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"Deckscape: Il mistero di Eldorado"
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Deckscape: The Mystery of Eldorado is the fourth title in a series of cooperative games inspired by real escape rooms in which a group of people is "trapped" inside a room full of puzzles and odd items. The goal of the game is to solve puzzles, understand the plot of the story, and make intelligent use of the items provided in order to exit from the room as quickly as possible. In Deckscape: The Mystery of Eldorado, you are a group of explorers, who have long sought the legendary golden city in the heart of the forest, without finding it. While you are flying back home, the head of a statue crashes against the plane and you have to parachute to safety! You are alone, tired and hungry, lost in an uncharted area of the forest. Danger is lurking, and you have only the few items you grabbed before jumping out. This could be your end...or the very last chance to unravel the mystery of Eldorado! Can you survive the pitfalls of the Amazon forest and find the legendary city of Eldorado?

Cards in the game

Following gaming cards are in the box:
60 cards: width 87mm and high 112mm (87x112)
Suggested by Engel
Protection sleeves recommended:
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1x Mayday: 100 Bustine Magnum (87 x 112 mm) (MDG7116) Mayday: 100 Bustine Magnum (87 x 112 mm) (MDG7116) 3,50€ Availability: Cart
Mayday: 100 Bustine Magnum (87 x 112 mm) (MDG7116)
Barcode: 9788894957013
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