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Fluxx: Tie-Dye Bonus

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Fluxx: Tie-Dye Bonus
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Playing Time Playing time
15 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Looney Labs
Language dependence Language dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be play
Useful links Useful links
Categories Categories
- Card Game -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Set Collection - Hand Management -
Authors Authors
- Keith Baker - Andrew Looney -
This is an expansion of This is an expansion of
Zombi Fluxx Zombi Fluxx

This title is also known as
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"Fluxx: Tie-Dye Bonus "
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Various individual promo cards, which have been made available for the Fluxx series of games. List of Fluxx Promo Cards: The 100,000 Year Old Game from Mars - (Origins 2000) All You Need Is Love - (GenCon 1997) Android Robot - Starr Fluxx promo postcard, 2011 Andy Looney - (Ask for Andy's autograph) The Bakery - (Origins 2000) Borders Bonus - Border's Books Cafe, 2003 The Brain (No TV) - (Unknown) Cake - (DragonCon 2003) Coffee Break - (Origins 2000) Composting - EcoFluxx promo postcard, 2005 The Computer - (Webstore Promo 2007) The Desert - (Origins 2000) Double Agenda - (Origins 2002) Earth - (EcoFluxx) - (Christmas Gift 2005) Final Card Random - (Unknown) Flowers - ("Flowers & Fluxx" promo) Foam Brain - (Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Oz Fluxx) - Foam Brain GamesLooney Labs Experience convention promo postcard, 2012 The Forest - (Origins 2006) - rarer "Night Forest" misprint exists Fruit Tree - (Origins 2006) Hastur the Unspeakable - (to promote Cthulhu Fluxx, 2012) Horrifying Sculpture - (Cthulhu Fluxx promo, 2012) If I Only Knew the Words... - (to promote Oz Fluxx, 2012) Inflation - (X = X + 1 reprint, Summer 2010) Jackpot! - (Origins 2005) Larry - (Zombie Fluxx) - promo postcard, 2007 Marlene Bruce - (Stoner Fluxx) - (Unknown) New Basic Rules - (Unknown) Nuclear War - (Origins 2000) One, Two, Five - (Monty Python Fluxx) - promo postcard, 2008 Palm Tree - (Origins 2006) Pandora's Box - (With Wooden Box) Peace on Earth - (Christmas Gift 2005) Pine Tree - (Origins 2006) Press Your Luck - (IceDice Promo, 2011) Recycling - (EcoFluxx) - (Release Promo 2010) Reverse Order - (Origins 2002) The Robot - (GenCon 2003) Sir Not-Appearing - (Monty Python Fluxx) - (Promo 2009) Skullduggery - (Pirate Fluxx) - (Promo 2011, works in any Fluxx) Start the Clock - (any Fluxx) - Zombie Fluxx promo postcard, 2007 The Star - (Released in 2004, as a prize for playing games in a Looney Labs "Little Experiment.") Summer Vacation - (Family Fluxx) - (Release Promo 2010) Swap Plays for Draws - (any Fluxx) - Promo postcard for Back to the Future: The Card Game, 2010; This card is now included as part of Pirate Fluxx. Talk Like A Martian - (Martian Fluxx) - (Release Promo September 2009) Tarts - (BaltiCon 2003) The Television is Watching You - (Origins 1997) Tie-Dye Bonus - (International Tabletop Day 2014) Time Travel - (GenCon 2001) Time Vortex - (Chrononauts) - (Promo 2001) To Sleep or Not to Sleep - (Origins 2003) The Traitor - (Are You the Traitor?) - (Promo 2009) Werewolf Fluxx promo cards (any Fluxx) - (Kickstarter stretch reward 2013) X = X + 1 - (Origins 2002) Xmas Tree - (Family Fluxx) - (Christmas Gift 2005) Zap A Card - (Aquarius) - (Release Promo 2009) Zombie Boss - (Zombie Fluxx) - (With Wooden Box) Zombies Eat Brains - (Zombie Fluxx) - (Promo)

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