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Good Dog, Bad Zombie

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Good Dog, Bad Zombie
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Playing Time Playing time
60 - 90 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Make Big Things
Language dependence Language dependence
No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Animals - Horror - Humor -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Co-operative Play - Area Movement -
Authors Authors
- Evan Rowland - Brian Van Slyke -

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"Good Dog, Bad Zombie"
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Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a cooperative game where Homeward Bound meets The Walking Dead. Together, you and your doggo pack will have to rescue enough hoomans in a crumbling metropolis and bring them back to your home in Central Bark. Take on a cast of doggo characters, including Lupin, Waine, Miss Fuzzy Ears, and Captain Woofster. Put your teamwork abilities to the test in order to bark zombies off of the cliffs or into the river, to chew their ankles off before they bite into your hooman friend, and to herd the helpless hoomans back to your park. Can you save enough people before the constant zombie attacks makes you go feral, and you forget what it means to feel the love of a hooman? Good Dog, Bad Zombie is adorable and horrifying all at once. Players will have to put their pack to the test by playing energy cards that chase zombies off of cliffs and herd hoomans into Central Bark. On their turns, each player may take two actions, which can consist of running to different locations, playing energy cards from their hands (such as "I mark my territory on a zombie corpse," and "I EXPRESS MY FEELINGS BY BEING LOUD"), sniffing out scent tokens to try to find hiding hoomans, and giving each other licks in order to draw more energy. Each energy card has an ability, such as: Run, Herd, Bark, Chew, and more, which can also be combined together. At the end of each player's turn, however, they will have to roll the dice in order to add more zombies to the board, which may eat unsuspecting hoomans or get into Central Bark. If the players rescue enough hoomans (4 on easy mode, 6 on medium, and 8 on hard), they win the game. However, if too many hoomans are eaten or zombies get into Central Bark too often, the Feral Tracker will reach 10 - and everyone loses. —description from the publisher

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