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ESSEN 2018

Knights Of Glory

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Knights Of Glory
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Playing Time Playing time
20 - 40 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Blue Gear Games LLC
Language dependence Language dependence
No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Adventure - Bluffing - Card Game - Deduction - Fantasy - Medieval -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Memory - Voting - Press Your Luck -
Authors Authors
- Linh Nguyen -

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"Knights Of Glory"
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THE STORY A long time ago, at a time when kings ruled the land, knights defended the kingdom, and peasants served the king, they all lived for a common purpose. Beyond the woods, beyond the seas, and beyond high mountains was a fortress ruled by a stern and powerful king. This stronghold was unbreakable and the king's army was undefeatable. The reason why the kingdom was so strong is because every year the king holds an event called “The Royal Games” for his noble subjects to train them to become highly skilled knights. Beneath this fortress lays a dungeon used to test their wits and strength. These knights faced rigorous obstacles including traps, weaponry, and psychological tactics. Only the most resilient knights made it through. Some prevailed and many did not. Whoever was worthy during the treacherous journey ahead earned the rank of the king’s elite knights. OBJECTIVE In Knights Of Glory, you play as one of the king’s knight seeking the ultimate goal of being a Royal Games’ victor. Advance through a treacherous dungeon by using the art of bluffing. Each player will try to bluff their way to the exit through deception and deduction. Exit the dungeon to win the Royal Games and earn the rank as one of the king’s Elite Knights. More than one knight may prevail. GAME TURN The player who is the most experienced knight goes first. Play then proceeds clockwise around the table, with each player taking a series of actions until the game ends. At the beginning of the game, the first player will take the Rook piece. On each player’s turn, they must decide to perform one of the following three actions: PASS - Pass your turn to the next player in the rotation. DISCARD - Discard the # of cards equal to the Tier Level you are currently on. ADVANCE - Roll the # of dice equal to the Tier Level you are on. Match the Weapon Dice rolled with the Weapon Cards you have in your hands. You have the option to bluff the card. Then the following two phases will occur if applicable: VOTING - Players will vote to determine if your play was the truth or a lie. If you were telling the truth and Player(s) disagree, you will reveal your Weapon Cards and advance as normal but Player(s) that disagree will retreat back one Tier Path. If you were telling a lie, you will reveal your Weapon Card(s) and retreat back one Tier Path and Player(s) that disagreed will advance one Tier Path Path. Players who agree will do nothing. If all Players agree you will not reveal your card(s). REFRESHING - When the turn order returns back to the First player in the rotation, that player is now the last player and the next player in the rotation is the first player. Cards that were discarded during the game will be shuffled and dealt out to the players again. If you were successful after the Voting Phase, you may decide whether to push your luck and perform one of your turn actions again. GAME END When a player successfully advances to the Exit Path, they are considered the winner, but other players have a chance to win as well and get one final turn. The game then ends and players that successfully advance to the Exit Path are considered the winner as well. Each time a player is successful or unsuccessful at making it to the exit, the Tiers will gradually collapse starting with Tier 1. Once a player successfully advances to the Exit Path, they are no longer allowed in the Voting Phase. If the next player that is unsuccessful at advancing, remove their player pawn from the game and they are no longer allowed in the Voting Phase. If a player is the only one left in the game, they will advance using the No Judgement Rule.

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