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Le Tour de France

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Le Tour de France
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Playing Time Playing time
30 - 90 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Just Games (II)
Language dependence Language dependence
No necessary in-game text
Useful links Useful links
Categories Categories
- Racing - Themed -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Hand Management - Area Movement -
Authors Authors
- Barry van der Hulst - Ron van der Hulst -

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"Le Tour de France"
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Description from the publisher: A strategic cycling parlor game for 2-4 players, 8 years and above and takes about 60 minutes to play. Will your team win the tour? Going for the yellow jersey or do you choose for the team? Climbing the hills or pushing it on a flat stage? Keep in mind you’re not the only one cycling the road… A small steering error, misjudgment or a ‘cycling strategy’ can cause a sensational collision. Let your cycling team ride as fast as possible and win the bike race! Introduction In this parlor game you play within the stages as a cycling team. A team consists of three riders and is played with 2 to 4 players. The duration of a one stage game with 4 players is 1 hour. The results of your team and players standings are recorded. A Tour consists of several stages, with the fastest rider over several stages wearing the yellow jersey. You decide for how long and which stages you want to play. The game is played with cards. By placing a card on the table you decide how fast you are moving your riders on the trail. You try taking tactical moves and benefit from wind advantage by letting your opponent do the hard work. Cast or save your good cards to démarrage when you feel that your opponent cannot. Side information The Tour de France board game is published by Just Games but created by Hulst Games. The game is almost identical to the board game "Linkeballen" but had some minor adjustments to increase gameplay.

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