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Little Big Fish

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Little Big Fish (Edizione Francese)
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Playing Time Playing time
15 - 20 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Rules language Rules language
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
The Flying Games
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No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Strategy - Animals - Miniatures -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Acting - Modular Board -
Authors Authors
- Damien Colboc -

This title is also known as
- パックンギョ! -
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"Little Big Fish (Edizione Francese)"
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Little Big Fish is a tactical game for 2 players. Setup: Each player places 3 little fishes in the very first line on a free sea tile. The board: Place randomly all 4 boards to form a square. Goal of the game: You win the game when you have captured 5 Fishes. Game mechanism: To become bigger, fishes must eat plankton. When you move to a space where there is a fish of the same size or smaller than you, you capture it. Small fishes are fast but vulnerable. They can capture small fishes but can be captured by any fish. They are the only one to be able to go through ship wrecks. Middle fishes can capture Small and Middle fishes. They can’t go through ship wrecks. Big fishes could capture all fishes. They can’t go through ship wrecks. How to play: On your turn move 1 of your fishes 2 spaces or 2 of your fishes 1 space. Fishes can move vertically and horizontally. Resolve a space as soon as you move on it before continuing your move or before moving the next fish. You can’t enter a space occupied by one of your fishes. You can enter a space occupied by an opponent’s fish if it is smaller or the same size as your fish. If you do it you capture it. Spaces : - Plankton :to grow your fish) - Birth : take a little fish from your reserve and place it on the board - Ship Wreks : They work like tunnels. Move through them without stoping. Only small fishes can use ship wrecks. Ship wrecks are not counted as a move. - "?" : When you move to a space“?”, you draw a tile. Discard it after resolved Tiles with effects : - Fisherman: Eliminate 1 fish from each player on the same board where it is drawn. - Plankton: Change your fish to the next size Small> Medium> Big. Plankton has no effect on big fishes. - Birth : Add a small fish from your reserve on a free sea tile from the same board. If they are all occupied nothing happens. - Turn: rotate any small board 90° right or left.

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Barcode: 3770005902018
Price : 29,90 €
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