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Lords of Hellas: The Lost City

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Lords of Hellas: The Lost City
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Awaken Realms
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Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
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- Historical - Civilization - Expansion for Base-game - Historical - Science Fiction - Exploration -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Area Control / Area Influence - Card Drafting - Worker Placement - Variable Player Powers - Hand Management -
Authors Authors
- Adam Kwapiński -
This is an expansion of This is an expansion of
Lords of Hellas (Edizione Inglese) Lords of Hellas (Edizione Inglese)

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"Lords of Hellas: The Lost City"
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A big expansion that brings with it a new playable faction, and components with a 5th player (and allows 6 with City of Steel). New Monument - Poseidon Whole new fully playable army with all components needed for 5th player New board map New mechanic - lost technology New deck of card - constructs New model - Colossus This expansion will come with additional map representing Atlantis. It will have exactly the same ship and ports mechanism as Troy have - this means that thanks to Poseidon monument you will be able to take control over the ships and use them to transport your soldiers / hero on every region with port. Lost technology Atlantis special mechanism will be lost technology. Adds a little bit of emphasis on territories and where you choose to go. This is how lost technology mechanic originated from. During set up, you will place in various regions additional resource - technology tokens. In some regions there will be none, in some there will be one and in some even more then one. They will represent parts of technology that can be found there and used to create constructs. There will be deck of 10 constructs and at begging of set you will choose 3 at random that will be available from the start. Additionally, each player will get a special artifact on the very start of the game, that will enable him to create a construct. During the game if you will control regions with certain amount of technology tokens in total, you will be able to use this artifact - take resources from your controlled region from the board and take chosen Construct card from available You can also get technology tokens by killing monsters and taking parts from them - this way tokens will go to your pool and you will be able to combine them with those in the regions you control. Constructs will be various - from instant bonuses to permanent buffs and even a Colossus that you can control! Colossus will have a great power and will be able to be used in battles! Atlantis special building will be Forge - placed inside the island, in the groove of Poseidon. It will grant you a priest and additionally you will be able to build one Construct for free! —description from the publisher

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