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Massive Darkness: Zombicide Green Horde Crossover Set

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Massive Darkness: Zombicide Green Horde Crossover Set
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CMON Limited
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- Expansion for Base-game - Fantasy - Fighting -
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- Dice Rolling - Variable Player Powers - Modular Board -
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Massive Darkness Massive Darkness

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"Massive Darkness: Zombicide Green Horde Crossover Set"
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The Green Horde Crossover set brings all of the retail characters introduced in the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign into Massive Darkness. It contains 64 cards converting 17 Heroes, 5 Mobs, 2 Agents, 7 Roaming Monsters, and 3 Familiars to use them in Massive Darkness. As this is not a Kickstarter Exclusive item, it does not include any of the Kickstarter Exclusive characters from the Zombicide: Green Horde campaign, and those will not be converted to Massive Darkness. Green Horde Crossover Contents: Zombicide: Green Horde Core Box - 6 Heroes: Asim, Berin, Johannes, Megan, Rolf, Seli - 2 Mobs: Orc Walkers, Goblin Runners - 1 Agent: Orc Necromancer - 1 Roaming Monster: Orc Abomination No Rest for the Wicked Expansion - 2 Mobs: Spectal Walkers, Swarm of Ratz - 1 Roaming Monster: Necromantic Dragon Friends and Foes - 4 Heroes: Katelyn, Solveig, Doran, Kabral - 1 Mob: Tainted Walkers - 1 Roaming Monster: Tainted Abomination - 3 Familiars (6 cards in different levels): Dog of War, Flying Feline, Wolf Adrian Smith Special Guest Box - 3 Roaming Monsters: Lord of Skulls, Doom, Gloom Paul Bonner Special Guest Box - 4 Heroes: Kirag, Thorg, Tola, Carol Black-Oak - 1 Roaming Monster: Faolan Sean A. Murray Special Guest Box (Include in all Horde pledges) - 3 Heroes: Cardinal Birmbauer, Kendra, Spellbones - 1 Agent: Grand Inquisitor Innsmouth Note that the Massive Darkness Crossover set only contain the cards for these characters, you'll need to acquire the corresponding Optional Buys in order to have the miniatures to use them. Of course, you'll also need a copy of the Massive Darkness core box to use this item. - description from the publisher, pulled from an update of the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign.

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Barcode: 3558380063681
Price : 12,90 €
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