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ESSEN 2019

Medieval Academy: Espansione Galanteria & Magia

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Medieval Academy: Espansione Galanteria & Magia
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Playing Time Playing time
30 min.
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- Medieval -
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- Card Drafting -
Authors Authors
- Nicolas Poncin -
This is an expansion of This is an expansion of
Medieval Academy Medieval Academy

This title is also known as
- Medieval Academy: Expansion «Galantry» and «Magic» - Medieval Academy: Expansion «Galanttry» and «Magic» -
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"Medieval Academy: Espansione Galanteria & Magia"
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This item is free with every copy of the Italian version of Medieval Academy while stock lasts. It cannot be purchased alone. This is a Medieval Academy expansion. These variants require the Medieval Academy game. All the basic rules apply except for the modifications described in the rules that come with this expansion. You can play in the same time with as many variants as you want.

Gallantry Board
In disc’s order on the Gallantry side of the board, each squire chooses and applies one or two bonus. He places his disc on chosen bonuses,in order to make those bonus unavailable for the others squires. On less than 4 squires games, only first and
second squires earn bonus.

Magic Board
As on Gallantry board, on Magic board, squires don’t
directly win Chivalry points, but Magic board allows them
to move forward on any board. On scoring, (turns 2 and 5, after Gallantry scoring), only the 3 first ranked squires (or he 2 first ranked in 3 players games) earn cases bonus ; they could move forward their own discs by a number of cases according to their position on Magic board.
The move can be split on one or several
boards. Move order :
1)First, the 3rd ranked squire on Magic board.
2)After the 2nd ranked squire on Magic board.
3)Finally, the first ranked squire on Magic board.
There is a reminder on the top of the Magic board
At the end of Turn 2, after the scoring phase, all the discs go
back to square 0 on Magic board.

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Price : 1,90 €
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