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One Night Werewolf: Super Powers

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One Night Werewolf: Super Powers
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Playing Time Playing time
10 - 10 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Language dependence Language dependence
Unplayable in another language
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Categories Categories
- Bluffing - Card Game - Deduction - Political/Negotiation - Party Game -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Partnerships - Variable Player Powers - Voting -
Authors Authors
- Akihisa Okui -

This title is also known as
- ワンナイト人狼:超人篇 -
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"One Night Werewolf: Super Powers"
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One Night Werewolf: Super Powers uses the same gameplay as in One Night Werewolf, but adds new characters that provide fresh challenges. As in Werewolf, players are dealt roles which are kept hidden for the duration of the game. The one or two werewolves try to keep their identity a secret so that no one identifies them; the humans must kill one werewolf or else their town is overrun and they lose. Each player secretly gets a role card (with two role cards placed in the middle of the table), looks at it, then closes their eyes to represent nighttime in town. One player is the game's moderator and calls out the roles in order for the players to take actions. The werewolves and the CIA Agent(s) open their eyes to see who belongs to these groups, but they can't say anything! Thus, a lone CIA Agent learns who the werewolves are, but he can never reveal his identity when trying to communicate this information to others. The werewolves, on the other hand, might not be sure who is actually on their side. And of course some cards might be out of play in the center of the table! The psychic then gets to look at one player's card or both cards in the center of the table. The ninja gets to exchange his card for someone else's, looking at the new card if he swaps. The madman doesn't take an action at night; he just wants the werewolves to win! During the day phase, players discuss who the werewolves are (or if there even are werewolves). Then all players vote simultaneously for a player. The player with the most votes is killed. If at least one werewolf is killed, the human team wins; if no werewolf is killed, the werewolf team wins.

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Price : 34,90 €
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