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Soviet Kitchen

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Soviet Kitchen
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Playing Time Playing time
15 - 30 min.
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Some necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
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Categories Categories
- Card Game - Humor -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Hand Management - Press Your Luck -
Authors Authors
- Andreas Wilde -

This title is also known as
- Soviet Kitchen -
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"Soviet Kitchen"
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WWII is ending in Soviet Union. You’re a troop of field-cooks cooperating to create meals out of hardly available ingredients. Whatever you find at the front (even if it doesn’t seem that edible on first sight) consider to put it in the meat grinder! Isn’t it more about the looks anyways? The sausage is not red enough? Some rusty nails will do! Your mush looks like vomit? Yellow sand gives it the right color! Sounds horrible? You just take care for Mother Russia and she sure is hungry! But careful! Of course, you don’t want to kill your guests while working your way from rags to Soviet gourmet-chefs! Soviet Kitchen a cooperative card game with app, where each player throws a colourful ingredient in the virtual meat grinder. This way, all four players together try to mix the ordered colour without intoxicating their soviet comrades too much. The app (for Android and iPhone devices) guides you through the story. Each player contributes one ingredient to the dish. Therefore he scans the ingredient card using the devices front camera. To match the color of the ordered dish, the players need to discuss the colors and effects of their cards, without showing them. If the result is close enough, your meal is accepted and you earn rubles. Unfortunately, some ingredients are quite toxic or even radioactive. Not even the toughest Soviet survives your toxic recipes unless you go slow and act strategically on when to play which toxic items. Each time you send a guest to the hospital, you lose a life and one card of each player's hand. The same happens when your dish is rejected because it doesn't look like ordered. Soviet Kitchen includes two playing modes: The challenge mode includes different challenges like cooking for Highscore or mixing the perfect color. Compare your highscore online! In story mode you face 21 different missions, each with its own introduction and challenge. Mission by mission, the team earns more and more rubles and unlocks new cards until finally cooking for the Kremlin society. The Soviet Kitchen app is available in Playstore and Appstore! (App needed for playing.) —description from designer

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