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Summoner Wars: Mazzo Fazione - I Rinnegati

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Summoner Wars: Mazzo Fazione - I Rinnegati
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Playing Time Playing time
30 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Raven Distribution
Language dependence Language dependence
Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
Useful links Useful links
Categories Categories
- Card Game - Fantasy - Fighting -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Dice Rolling - Variable Player Powers - Hand Management -
Authors Authors
- Colby Dauch -
This is an expansion of This is an expansion of
Summoner Wars: Edizione Master Summoner Wars: Edizione Master

This title is also known as
- Summoner Wars: I Rinnegati – Mazzo Fazione - Summoner Wars: Ladinos - Summoner Wars: Płaszcze - Summoner Wars: Rebelové - 召喚師戰爭: 斗篷族派系套牌 -
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"Summoner Wars: Mazzo Fazione - I Rinnegati"
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From the publisher: They are the Cloaks - a nation of the discarded victims of the vile Bender Empire that rules the continent of Far Esta. Forced to live in hiding they have mastered the art of guerrilla warfare. They come in the night landing harsh blows against their foes, only to melt back into the darkness from whence they came. Gunners take out sentries with well-aimed shots, and Scrappers waylay unsuspecting soldiers. And only when the fight is over do their enemies realize they have been looted by Thieves. Heading this force is Vlox, former apprentice to old Leonardo, the dead genius who created their black powder weaponry. Vlox is the ultimate jack of all trades, and he intends to use his new Summoning Stone to carve a bloody path through the heart of the Bender Empire. Contents: 35 cards (1 complete faction deck) Cloaks Faction Deck Includes: 1 Vlox- Summoner 1 Dagger - Champion 1 Violet - Champion 1 Scam - Champion 7 Scrapper - Common 7 Gunner - Common 4 Thief - Common 2 Assassinate Events 2 Cloak of Shadows Events 2 Magic Drain Events 2 Raid Events 1 Spy Event 3 Wall Cards 1 Summoner Reference Card

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Barcode: 8032680824180
Price : 9,95 €
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