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The Witches of Cernégula

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The Witches of Cernégula
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Playing Time Playing time
30 - 45 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Gen-X Games
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Categories Categories
- Adventure - Card Game -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Pick-up and Deliver - Hand Management - Stock Holding -
Authors Authors
- Jose Antonio Abascal Acebo -

This title is also known as
- Las Brujas de Cernégula -
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"The Witches of Cernégula"
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Neither frog legs nor goat's feet. Our witches are vegetarian and real! Legend says that in a lagoon of Cernégula, a town in Burgos, a coven of witches had their meetings. In The Witches of Cernégula, you must become the witch who cooks the best and most potions. Collect the required herbs, but these are not always available, so think well about your actions! Cook in your cauldron elaborate recipes and master one or more magic arts. Become the most experienced witch and earn points to prove it! In more detail, the game consists of several rounds divided into two phases: • Herb collection: In order to collect herbs, move your cauldron located inside your herb board, so that the ladle, the carrot leaves, and the snake head point to the herbs you want to collect. The players must take all the corresponding tokens according to the placement of their cauldrons, but they cannot store more than three green tokens per type of herb. If you had to place more than three green tokens on an herb, place red tokens from the common supply instead. Each red token near the board equals 2 negative points at the end of the game. The red tokens are permanent: they are still red even if the player has fewer than three green tokens on the herb. • Potions preparation: During this optional phase, you can prepare one or more available potions as either complete or incomplete potions. In addition, once you have made the potion, you can perform the ability immediately or in another time, as the card indicates. Using potions' abilities costs victory points. After using the ability of a potion card, turn it 90º to indicate it's been used. At the end of the game, the value of turned potions cards is subtracted from your victory points.

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Barcode: 8436564810397
Price : 16,95 €
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