Our customers are VIP: get up to 10% discount for your purchases with Kiwi points!
Our customers are VIP: get up to 10% discount for your purchases with Kiwi points!


  • 200.
    2% discount
  • 600.
    4% discount
  • 1000.
    6% discount
  • 1400.
    8% discount
  • 1800.
    10% discount
  • 2000.
    365 days ugeek membership

How does it work

Now your orders on uplay.it are even more convenient! You get up to 10% off on all your orders, as well as always new bonuses! And the best part is that you don't have to do anything: Just check the above diagram and you could find out that you might already be able to redeem some prizes. From now on, each new order will earn you Kiwi points. When conluding your order, you'll be able to choose whether you want an immediate discount, giving up half of the Kiwi points for that order, or you prefer to collect all your Kiwi points to obtain future discounts and prizes.

The collected points expire after di 12 months
1€ = 1 kiwi point


What are Kiwi points?

Kiwi points represent our customers' loyalty: each € spent on our shop in the last year earns you an equal amount of Kiwi points.

What can I use Kiwi points for?

With our Kiwi points you can have a fixed discount on our webshop; the more Kiwi points you collect, the higher the obtained discount, up to max 10% off! Besides discounts, you'll get punti you'll get great prizes that you will be able to redeem without consuming any kiwi point!

Can I collect Kiwi points?

Yes, as each orderd contributes to the total of kiwi points; each euro earns one kiwi point.

How do I consume Kiwi points?

You can't! Kiwi points cannot be consumed.

How do I redeem my Kiwi points?

Kiwi points are not to be redeemed: You automatically earn them with each order but you don't consume them when redeeming the prizes you are entitled to.

Do Kiwi points expire?

Kiwi points represent our customers' loyalty. They are scored keeping into account all the orders performed in the last 12 months.

When concluding an order, how can I obtain an immediat discount?

You can decide to give up on half of your Kiwi points for that order to get an immediate discount. For example, placing a 60€ order would provide you 60 Kiwi points. If you give up 30 Kiwi points, you get an immediate 5% off while still collecting 30 Kiwi points. The formerly collected Kiwi points will not be affected in any way!