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New titles

  • Between Two Castles: Secrets & Soirees Expansion
    The king is throwing a party and inviting all the neighbors! This expansion to Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig expands the game up to 8 players...
  • Hostage Negotiator: Career
    Hostage Negotiator: Career is an expansion for the Hostage Negotiator system that requires the Hostage Negotiator base game, Hostage Negotiator: Crime...
  • Next War: Poland
    Ukraine is in turmoil: embroiled in a civil war which has lasted for years and the situation seems further from resolution with each year that passes....
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  • Hengist
    Thirty years have passed since the Romans left Britain. The power oft he Picts and the Scots is growing, and they are pushing inland. In order to save...
  • Zombi 15': Carte promo
    This is a set of three promo cards for Zombie 15'. They are: Battering Ram Incendiary Ammunition Laser Sight
  • Imperial Settlers
    Settlers from four major powers of the world have discovered new lands, with new resources and opportunities. Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians and Asians...
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  • Bloodsuckers
    The once quiet small town of Blackwood has become a battleground. A coven of vampires has crept in under the cover of darkness to drain the very life...
  • Warhammer: Invasion LCG - Portento del Fato
    Game description from the publisher:

Bloody war rages across the Old World. While ancient enemies struggle, sweat, and bleed, Portent of Doom...
  • Power Grid: The First Sparks
    In 2001, 2F-Spiele published the original Funkenschlag.

In 2011, it is time to look back...a long time back! To celebrate the tenth anniversa...
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