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1st & Goal: Midwest Division

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1st & Goal: Midwest Division
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1st & Goal 1st & Goal

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1st & Goal: Midwest Division, an expansion for 1st & Goal, contains 28 dice which make up 4 custom teams. The Dice Football League (DFL) Midwest Division includes the following teams: • Knoxville Knights – The Knights enter the league with the 2nd ranked running game and the 9th ranked passing game. While they are able to mount a solid offense, the Knights are shielded by a less than chivalrous defense. Coach Arthur Roundtable states, "The football is our queen and we will protect it." Quarterback Lance Lott states: "Yeah, well I'm the king! Protect me! Me!" • Louisville Locusts – The Locusts enter the league with the 8th ranked running game and the #1 ranked passing game. Despite an incredible offense, the Locusts have one of the lowest ranked defenses in the league. Coach Paul Ishtoff states, "Our team puts points on the board. Period. You can't stop us on the ground or in the air. Unfortunately, our defense bugs me." Quarterback Rick O’Shea, the mastermind behind their brilliant passing game, had this to say: "We have a very simple formula for success. Our offense only has to put more points on the board than our defense gives away. Then it's all gravy!" • Milwaukee Monsters – The Monsters enter the league with the 15th ranked running game and the 6th ranked passing game. Despite less-than-stellar talent in running, the Monsters have one of the best passing games in the league. Coach Frankie Stein states, "We definitely need to work on our ground game, but when the Monsters put the ball in the air, we are scary." Quarterback Wolfgang Mann could not be reached for comment. When asked about this, wide receiver Billy Phantom replied, "Yea, sometimes he disappears for days at a time. By the way, did you see that moon last night? Beautiful!" • Springfield Spartans – The Spartans enter the league with the 23rd ranked running game and the 15th ranked passing game. Despite troubles on offense, the Spartans have the #3 ranked defense in the league. Coach Colin Toksho states, "We rely on our defense to get us out of trouble. Unfortunately, we're usually in trouble." When asked about the lukewarm running attack, running back Jackie Mollasses commented, "I may not be the fastest runner in the league… what was the question?"

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Price : 14,99 €
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