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7 Desires

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7 Desires
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Playing Time Playing time
15 - 60 min.
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The Game Crafter, LLC
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- Co-operative Play - Dice Rolling - Partnerships - Hand Management -
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A simulator of karma. Magical game with dices and cards. That is a unique game about rebirth, desires and karma. As a bonus, a solo mode for fortune telling and cooperative mode without conflicts. Brief description of the game The ancient sages have said: “we are alive only if we have desires”. Someone has a lot of dreams, other has only one dream, but everyone who lives in our world constantly wants something. It’s a pity, but accomplishment of desires is not a simple thing. Sometimes we need to do any serious actions. These actions can be as good, as bad. And our actions develop karma, which can be as light, as dark due to our desires... In the game 7 Desires''we become souls embodied in our world. There are many disadvantages in this world. For example, illness and death. Therefore, every player wants to leave this cruel world as quickly as possible. We would like to liberate the soul, and, of course, fulfill all the desires which have brought us here. The world is multilevel. Souls rise, and then fall, because they are so different! There is a plan of being for each level of consciousness. In the beginner of the game everyone starts at the level of human being. To win the game 7 Desires, you just need to move from the level of human being to the level of angels, then to the level of the gods. And when all the desires of the divine level are accomplished, you can go home, away from the world of births and deaths. We wish you good luck with that! In summary, every turn looks like this: a player draws a card, fills his hand with three cards, and then plays one card, placing it in the discard deck face -up. This card becomes an active desire. Next step, the player chooses whether he wants to accomplish this desire. If yes, then he discards the crystal (s) of desires indicated in the upper left corner of the card, and if he does not want to accomplish the desire, he adds to his avatar the item which is indicated in the upper right corner of the card. If it is more than one crystal on the left, you do not need to reset all the crystals. You can have any number of crystals indicated on the card. For example, accomplishing of "A cherished Desire" you can reset 1, 2 or 3 red crystals. If you have accomplished the desire, then karma comes for the actions you have taken to. This karma is described at the bottom of the card. All the received karma is placed under your avatar. Clearly pointed crystals (white and black) of karma are simply added, and undefined karma (tricolor crystals) is played with 3 dices of dark, light and red colors. The result is determined by the largest value of the dice. If the largest number falls on a light dice, light karma is added, if it is dark on the dark one, and if the red cube "won", then at the value of 5 and 6 - you add an additional desire crystal, and for 1, 2, 3 or 4 – one crystal of desire is removed. If two of three dices have the same value, the third is always considered to work, even if it has a lower value than the other two. If the same value falls on all three dice - this is a big luck, and you can choose any action you want: to add light karma, or remove the dark, or remove the desire crystal, or add a crystal of desire.

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