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Agricola Memo

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Agricola Memo
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Playing Time Playing time
30 min.
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No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Animals - Card Game - Educational - Action / Dexterity - Themed -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Memory - Partnerships - Set Collection - Pick-up and Deliver -
Authors Authors
- Uwe Rosenberg -

This title is also known as
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First published in today's form by Ravensburger in February 1959. There are versions knows from Japan in the 16th century - matching pictures painted on shells. Known as Awase or Kai-awase. In USA and England known as Pairs, Pelmanism, or Concentration. But these are played with simple playing cards. In Switzerland was a domino-like game named Zwillingsspiel with the same roots. There are hundreds of different Memory games - starting with 24 cards for the youngest, with all kinds of animals, art, about countries, also a gay and a "Breast Memory", several free giveaway Memory games published by companies. The most famous publisher is Ravensburger - they have the rights for the brand name Memory - and they have really nice ones.

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Price : 5,99 €
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