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Ancient World Multi Game System

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Ancient World Multi Game System
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Playing Time Playing time
10 - 60 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Playford Games
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Unplayable in another language
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Categories Categories
- Strategy - Bluffing - Dice - Educational - Action / Dexterity - Historical - Exploration -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Area Control / Area Influence - Dice Rolling - Tile Placement - Grid Movement -
Authors Authors
- Jon Adams - Paul Ali - Eliot Hochberg - Daniel McKinley - David Stennett - Frank Zazanis -

This title is also known as
- Ancient World Premium Multi Game System - Deluxe Ancient World Multi Game System -
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"Ancient World Multi Game System"
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The Ancient World Multi Game System is more than just a collection of games. It is a multi-game system with 26 social abstract games, including short competitive, team competitive, or co-operative tile games for many players. The discussion, bluffing, changing alliances and co-operation are essential to get ahead. These are not just your brain burning, logical battles between two silent and concentrated players. The tiles can be put together in different combinations to give the components needed to play these 26 games. MGS Ziggurat Journey Stones Checkers Rays Silk Roads Hispania Melos Latrunculi Seega Kush Stella Cheetah King's Ransom Inuit PREMIUM MGS Tekel Tholos Capere Agros DELUXE MGS Lost Floodwaters Asyria Dark Death ILIOS Raetia SUPER DELUXE MGS Dream Lands Census Some of the games such a Kush and Tholos are only available in the system or the enhancements and expansions Journey Stones are only available in the system. Some of the classic public domain games such as Seega & Latrunculi have been updated or expanded for today's players. In the same way, we show you how to play (and even improve) the modern card game King’s Ransom with the MGS tiles. It is a GAME DESIGN KIT with many styles of tiles, dice and disks for you to expand, design and develop your own games. Dream Lands is more interesting with these extra tiles and Assyria can now be played with up to 20 players! We are designing new games and expansions which use the designer kit tiles. Take a look at how the components have been used in the 26 games and you will be inspired to design yourself. You will be surprised how well the components allow you to play so many dice, card, or tile games. Fox and Hounds, a simple game with the rules readily available online, and even Chess can be played with the MGS tiles. As you successfully implement more complicated games your confidence and ambition will grow. The tiles can be put together in different combinations to give the components needed to play your own game designs. Game designers should get this kit and test their own games. We are open to publish your game in the next rule books, if it uses these components. Versions & Extras: MGS 4 Player 14 Games 80 Square Tiles Sets A & B PREMIUM MGS 4 Player 18 Games 120 Square Tiles Sets A, B & C DELUXE MGS 5 Player 24 Games 160 Squarer Tiles Sets A, B, C & D SUPER DELUXE MGS 6 Player 26 Games 40 Square Tiles Sets A, B, C, D & E GAME DESIGNER KIT GDK 40 Square Tiles Expansion Set F TREASURE CHEST 8 x 8 Board & Storage CHESSMEN 16 Black & 16 White Wood Chess Pieces ILIOS & Capere are also available from Playford Games as standalone games. Capere has cards and marble pieces instead of tiles!

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