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Eragra: The Game of Eras and the First Step

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Eragra: The Game of Eras and the First Step
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Playing Time Playing time
90 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

Mage Company
Language dependence Language dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be play
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Categories Categories
- Adventure - Card Game - Dice - Fantasy -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Card Drafting - Co-operative Play - Dice Rolling - Hand Management - Area Movement -
Authors Authors
- Michael Andresakis - Alexander Argyropoulos -

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"Eragra: The Game of Eras and the First Step"
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The game is moving through 2 different Worlds, the Ancient in an unknown and legendaary Era and the Future, after our days, there where our planet has become a vast desert full of Machines and Cyber-Environments. In the Ancient World (Kingdoms and AntiKingdoms Division Age), the Summoners (YOU!) own several decks. The basic one is the Duel Stack that consists mostly of Figures and Characters which belong to the Eragra Saga as well as several new Card Leagues such as Ploys Ad Hoc (Artefacts n' Constructions), Relics, Walls, Incantations and many other. The next 2 Stacks are the Mastery (10 cards) and the Grim (15 cards) one where YOU must Unfold, meaning you cannot use them from the beginning of the Duel. There are more cards though which form a Common Space and can be used by all of you, so the most of the cards here work for all the Summoners. Common Space: Is a Pool with different cards (imagine few fields in order from the left to the right). The Common Space works for all of you! Limbo: Is an empty field and acts as a Banishment Ground for all the destroyed Characters and there they stay. Limbo is not a Graveyard but a Dimension. Since a Minion loses a battle, ends up there but if you return them back on your Duel Field, then are stronger. Incantations: Are sorted in White and Black Magic. Each Summoner draws 1 card per turn from each Stack, decides which one he wants to play with, performs the Acts which are given through that card and then he can activate it. (Example: to activate a Black Incantation, you may need to perform 1 Evil Act such as to destroy a rival's Minion (1 Evil Act). For each Act, you collect, depending on the case a White or a Black Cube. Craft Pool: Is an empty Field where all of you, place all the used Incantations, Walls, Constructions anything without life! Parchments: They unfold the different Groups of Minions and allows you to invoke them on your Duel Field, enough to find the right ones. These cards are activated just once during the Duel. (Minions are called all the Figures, anything alive and Group of Minions we call the Colour such as Red Minions, Green, White, Ceremonial etc. Pyra: Is an empty Field to place the destroyed, discarded and used Parchments. Tokens: You use them through the cards' effects. Are white cards, numbered and in order (from 1-20) and have their own place on the Common Field. The purpose in the Ancient World is to send as many Rival Minions as you can, to Limbo, in order to collect as many as you can from your Crystals (max. 25). The next step is to enter the Future World which can be done by activating 1 specific card from your Mastery Stack, a Vortex called Cyberspace. You can enter there any time you want but will you have enough Crystals? If you enter the Future World, then the rest Summoners must follow you with the Crystals they have collected from the first phase. Tough balance? No, the game in the Future World is totally different and much faster. In this world all change, so the rules. The Future Stack is divided in 4 parts. Each Summoner owns a Stack of 30 cards. The cards you find here are Viruses, Machines, Weapons, Ambushes, Future Survivors. Here you use your collected Crystals. How? Each Future card has the sing of a Crystal along with a number. For example you may have a Hybrid Machine and on it the Crystal sing and the number 3. Since you activate this card, place the equivalent Crystals on it. That means, your rivals have to beat this card thrice. Following this way, this Machine will be destroyed. Each time the rival wins a small battle, you remove a Crystal from your card and gives it to him. The final goal of the Duel is to remove by any mean the Crystals from your rival(s) or to destroy their Future Survivor (there are 4 Future Survivors (1 for each one of you): A Hacker, a Cybermage, a Rebel and a member of the Torrius Syndicate who are protected by your Machines). In this game you will find more and more things to discover while you play. The point is to combine your cards well. You will enjoy it more, if you play with more than 1 rival and then you will face the brutality of Eragra. You can create Alliances with a rival Summoner to defeat another, but at the same time you must defeat your ally too. Your only true ally is your Minions. Are you ready?

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