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Eye for an Eye

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Eye for an Eye
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Playing Time Playing time
15 min.
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MJ Games
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Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
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Categories Categories
- Card Game - Party Game -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Acting - Card Drafting -
Authors Authors
- Michael Ferch -

This title is also known as
- Eye for an Eye - Oeil Pour Oeil - Wink Death -
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"Eye for an Eye"
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Eye for an Eye puts a themed-spin on the parlor game "Wink Murder" (aka, Wink Death), a game in which one player is a murderer who kills people by winking at them. This player wants to off as many other players as possible before someone catches his murderous wink and accuses him of the crimes. In Eye for an Eye, the players belong to a group of priests in Britannia known as the Ovates. From the rules: "It is the dream of every Ovate to become a Druid, but the test is a terrible one requiring courage,intelligence and stamina." One to three Druids hide among the group of Ovates, and they can hypnotize an Ovate by winking at that players. The Druids don't know one another's identities, but if one Druid winks at another, the wink has no effect. The game ends when either only one Ovate remains unhypnotized (this player being the game's loser for failing to detect any Druids after so much opportunity) or an Ovate accuses someone of being a Druid (in which one or the other player is the game's loser). The loser must then perform the tests chosen by players at the start of the game from the included deck of 34 tests, with the test categories being "Gallantry", "Find Out About Me", "Don't Be Shy" and "Surprise". The Austrlian Wink Death features a more traditional approach to the party game, with one player being the winker and up to 32 others being the winkees. The murder victims die in the manner depicted on their character card. Any player can accuse another of being the winker, but should the accusation prove incorrect, then both players are out and the game continues. Wink Death includes rules for three other games that use the same deck of cards.

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Price : 12,99 €
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