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Playing Time Playing time
12 - 30 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
BARD Games LLC (Board Game Publisher)
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No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Card Game - Fantasy -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Set Collection - Hand Management - Press Your Luck -
Authors Authors
- Glenn Cotter -

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Fickle is an inverse set collection card game for three to five players. Fickle features the legendary fairy art of Amy Brown, and designed by Glenn Cotter. Players compete gathering an Alliance of fairies to gain the most Favor points. Throughout the game players trick their opponents by passing them Fairy cards using "press your luck" card stacking rules. Set Up Fickle is a "Shuffle Builder" game. Players decide which 5 Fairy suits to play during the game. Selected Fairy suits allow players to make a deck focused on scoring, tableau building, direct actions, environmental effects and combinations. with 15+ Fairy suits to choose from, replay is very high. How to Play Fickle is played in 5 rounds. The winner has the most Favor (card points) at the end of game. Each round players are dealt 3 cards. All players decide the order of the three cards, then pass them in that round's direction. Thus, players will receive a 'press your luck' deck, created by their neighbor each round. Players must "Pick or Pass" --choose the top card, or discard it to see the next card. Once the press your luck draw is completed, each player has one fairy card in hand. Player's now take turns, adding their chosen Fairy to their Alliance (tableau) and resolve the Fairy Power on their card. Highest Favor (card point value) goes first. These powers create fun affects that impact scoring, discard cards, exchange cards and more. Once all Fairy powers are resolved, start the next round. Scoring After the 5th round, cards are grouped by Fairy suit. All card's have a value between 1-5. Because Fairies want equal influence on the council, scores are based on an inverse scoring curve; 1 card of a Fairy Family, score it's Favor value (ex. a 3 Favor card is worth 3 points) 2 cards of the same family are worth ZERO points (ex. Favor 3 and Favor 2 of the same suit are worth 0 points) 3-4 cards of the same suite score the NEGATIVE value of the highest card (ex. three cards of the same suit with Favor value 3, 2 and 2, would score as -3 points) 5 or more of the same suit, "Shoot the Moon". Sum the value of all cards (ex. Favor Value cards of 3,2,2,1,3 would sum to 11 points) The player with the highest Favor score wins.

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