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Ghost Star

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Ghost Star
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Playing Time Playing time
60 - 90 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Publisher Publisher
Wreak Havoc
Language dependence Language dependence
Moderate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
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Categories Categories
- Adventure - Card Game - Dice - Exploration - Horror - Science Fiction -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Role Playing -
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"Ghost Star"
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All you have are the weapons of a sound mind as you face-off against a mysterious Entity aboard a labyrinth-like space station. Survive an emotional onslaught as you search for doors into the entity’s psyche. The more you reveal, the more personal things get until you force it to confront you head on. Ghost Star gives you control of a highly disciplined mind, access to an incredibly vast labyrinth and a cunning, unpredictable enemy. Ghost Star provides the framework and context for your imagination, the story ultimately plays out in your mind. Exploring the Labyrinth Players traverse the station by choosing navigation cards (Main: Bow, Stern, Port, Starboard. Secondary: Port Bow, Port Quarter, Starboard Bow and Starboard Quarter) Each card describes the area, what you experience and displays the available exits. As you explore you will be haunted by flashing images, scenes and entities that will use fear, sorrow and anger to get in your head and pick you apart. There are 3 levels of Minion Entities and each level has 5 options. Each Boss Entity has a main attribute card and 3 possible sub-traits of 5. You reveal the 3 sub-traits during game play. These 3 sub-traits add unique defenses/attacks to the Boss. Every time a sub-trait is revealed you force a Minion Entity encounter. 1 final Boss Entity is chosen randomly from the deck of 5 when the 3 sub-traits are revealed. Dead Ends Some Entities can block exits, if all available exits are blocked you become trapped in the station. Battle Thought Thought is your main fuel but is also your sustenance. Every action requires thought and all emotional damage reduces thought. Keeping the mind “sound” is critical for success. You can spend other attributes to increase Thought. If you run out of Thought your Mind is separated from your Psyche which is a fate worse than physical death. Weapons of a Sound Mind Critical Thinking When the pressure is on Critical Thinking can produce amazing results. CT is a higher order thinking that requires the support of other attributes. It is selfless thinking so although it comes at a great price there is a reward. Empathy As Thought is your fuel, Empathy is your fire. All entities aboard the ship despise Empathy because their psyches are based in conceit. The thought of anything trying to understand and sympathize with them lights the furnace of their emotions. Some entities require only Empathy to unravel them but the stronger ones require Empathy and other support to dispose of them. Informed Decisions The Captain is rewarded with Informed Decision making after successfully defeating a challenge. Informed decisions are incredibly valuable manage them wisely. Reason Under such incredibly crushing circumstances it takes a lot of reasoning to make it through this labyrinth. Make sure to keep this trait stacked. Scales of Discipline Judgment We all know what happens when we are too quick to judge and act on it. It usually ends up bad. Manage your Judgment because if it gets too low it can be crippling. Conscience It is important to confide in your conscience while under . Don’t let the Entities disconnect your mind form your conscience or you are nothing but a serial killer and become an Entity yourself. Tribalism One of Man’s greatest weaknesses. Being pulled towards the emotions of the crowd. When your crew members begin to push the prevalence of Tribalism you must off-set it or suffer the consequences. Fear, Sorrow and Anger Your enemies randomly attack using Fear, Sorrow and Anger. If you are hit with one you become marked. If you do not remove the mark future enemies will auto hit you. How to win Draw the Entity out by revealing it’s 3 sub-traits. As soon as the third trait is revealed it confronts you immediately. Because you reveal 2 traits before it appears you can prepare to defeat it. It is difficult to prepare for the third but not impossible.

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