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Goosebumps: The Card Game of Monster Mayhem

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Goosebumps: The Card Game of Monster Mayhem
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Goosebumps: The Card Game of Monster Mayhem is a furious battle between monsters. Giant Mantis versus Werewolf. Slappy versus the Mummy. This easy and fun card game uses different characteristics to determine which monster will come out on top. Features large oversized cards with art from the Scholastic books. Shuffle the monster cards, Slappy card, and Mastermind card together and deal all 60 cards. All players place their cards face down in a draw pile in front of them. The game is played in 6 rounds. In each round, players battle their monsters to win a trophy. Trophies are awarded in the same order as outlined on the monster cards. Ie: in round 1, players only use the Strength ability when battling each other. Player 1 takes the top card from their draw pile, places the card face up on the table, and declares either “high” or “low”. All the other players flip over their top card and place them face up on the table. Players now battle by comparing their monster’s ability ratings. If “high” was declared, the monster with the highest rating wins the battle. If “low” was declared, the monster with the lowest rating wins the battle. Both Slappy and Mastermind are special cards. They have a 1 or 9 rating for all abilities (depending on whether “high” or “low” is declared). The player who wins the battle places all the cards from the battle into their winnings pile, and then takes the top card from their draw pile and declares “high” or “low” for the next battle. Play continues in this manner until all the monsters have done battle and there are no monster cards left When the round is over, players count the number of cards in their winnings pile. The player with the most cards wins the round, and collects the corresponding trophy card. Repeat this process 5 more rounds for the remaining abilities and award trophy cards in the same manner. The game ends when all 6 trophies have been won. The winner is the player with the most trophies.

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