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Highway to Hell

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Highway to Hell
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Playing Time Playing time
30 - 40 min.
Number of players Number of players
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Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
The Red Joker
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No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Card Game - Science Fiction -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
Authors Authors
- Pascal Bernard -

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"Highway to Hell"
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Welcome to 2054. Climatic and economic crises have destabilized our societies. States are no more than the shadow of themselves and the world is slowly turning to chaos. Violence has increased to epidemic proportions in every city, while in the wastelands between them, militias have been formed to stem the tide gang warfare that has brings terror to the roads. Following the collapse of government, catastrophic shortages in fuel and food have seen these consumables become commodities to fight and die for. In this post apocalyptic nightmare, the Patrollers have become taken up the role of the sheriffs of the Old West, as they struggle to maintain order amid the all-encompassing chaos. You are one of the Patrollers tasked with preserving law and order in District 31 of Corkland. Today your 24 hour patrol will take you through Conway, Green Lea and Altamont counties. This region to the south of Corkland has been claimed by the Jezebel Queens, a dangerous and violent gang who have been plundering the area for weeks now. It’s time to restore some order! Each player takes on the role of a Patroller, a highway sheriff who pits themselves against the many threats that infest District 31 while helping and protecting its surviving residents. During their patrol, a Patroller will journey through three Sector. As they pass through these Sectors, they will be able to replenish their hand of Action cards, customize their Vehicle and pick up Passengers who may suggest additional missions. During their travels, a Patroller must resolve various Pursuits, Shootouts or Enforcements. A Patroller must finish their patrol in the least amount of time and with the most Pacification Points. If a Patroller’s patrol takes longer to complete than the number of Hours allocated to it, they will be subject to penalties at the end of the game. At the end of the game, the Patroller with the most Pacification Points wins the game. —description from the publisher

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