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Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators

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Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators
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Playing Time Playing time
60 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher

NSB Games, Inc.
Language dependence Language dependence
Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be play
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Categories Categories
- Card Game - Collectible Components - Dice - Economic - Industry / Manufacturing - Political/Negotiation - Science Fiction - War -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Card Drafting - Dice Rolling - Variable Player Powers - Secret Unit Deployment - Hand Management -
Authors Authors
- Daniel Auxier -
This is an expansion of This is an expansion of
Hull Breach: Corporate Wars Hull Breach: Corporate Wars

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"Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators"
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"Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators" introduces the Colonials; hard-bitten men fed up with the squabbling, power-hungry Corporations and RDF. They moved to the fringes of known space and carved out a life with their blood and sweat, and will protect their hard-won way of life to the death! "In Defiance of Dictators" is a stand-alone expansion to "Hull Breach: The Corporate Wars" and "Loyalty and Vigilance." Pit your settlers against rival colonies, the greedy Corps and over-reaching RDF, or mix-and-match your cards for the ultimate customized deck! From the game's Facebook page: CARDS, DICE, TACTICS, TALES, and HEROES. A Science Fiction Collectable Card Games without an equal. Do you like Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5? Hull Breach! features a unique science fiction world with many of your favorite elements of each. From the rulebook: Hull Breach! is a tactical, operational, and strategic space-combat and logistics card game for two or more players. Each player has his or her own deck of cards consisting of a Station, ships, modules, Marines, technological breakthroughs, events, and tactics. Players compete head-to-head to destroy each other's fleets and space station; the last player or team standing is the victor. Gameplay: Players choose from a variety of pre-constructed decks or can assemble their own, then each player takes turns either building up their base or building ships to attack their opponents. First player to destroy (or take over from boarding action) is the winner. Each faction/deck has a unique power and varied amounts of resources generated each turn. With these resources you can add on modules to your base, or play ships/marines to the table. Your base functions as a mothership where your subsequent ships make up the fleet you will use for offense and defense. Each turn you will get more resources based on your base and the modules attached (which can add to your resource generation). The ships and marines have different special abilities such as stealth (to avoid enemy detection). Some ships can even retrieve more ships from your deck at no cost. Combat is resolved with d10s. You count up the total amount your roll for offense (based on the current stats of the cards involved) then roll. The target roll is determined by the defense of the ship. Most small ships can only take 1 or 2 hits, but larger ships will need multiple hits to take down. Wounds do carry over but there are mechanisms to remove some wound tokens over time.

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