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MIND: The Fall of Paradise

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MIND: The Fall of Paradise
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Playing Time Playing time
180 min.
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- Exploration - Fantasy - Miniatures - Science Fiction - Exploration -
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- Area Control / Area Influence - Card Drafting - Co-operative Play - Dice Rolling - Trading - Role Playing - Secret Unit Deployment - Pick-up and Deliver - Hand Management - Area Movement -
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MIND: The Fall of Paradise is a semi-cooperative Sci-Fi 4X boardgame that can be played by up to 4 players in under 180 minutes. One player becomes MIND, an all powerful A.I and up to 3 other players take the roles of rebel leaders. The universe is set in the year 2121 and Earth is troubled by conflict, by war. It is up to MIND to save mankind and bring peace to his creators, but doing it his way, by building this mystery place called the Paradise, where people who enter live their dreams, but never want to come out, abandoning reality, and thus, giving up the future. The rebellion doesn't approve of this, and they see MIND as the enemy, as indirectly, he means our end.

What's the story?
In the future Earth is divided between 15 districts and the great rulers of the Earth, the Nine, decide to hand over authority over the last district, called Lyanon, to MIND, the greatest A.I of his kind. It's the first time in history when an A.I is given executive authority over people. The leaders of Lyanon feel betrayed and in the shadow most of them start forming a rebellion to fight off MIND and his machines, and also end the blind hate people have between each other. As the districts fight it is up to the players and citizens of Lyanon to bring peace while creating an escape plan, and colonize other places to secure the future.

How do you play?
The game starts on Earth and each turn districts are wiped out in war if nothing is done to prevent it. These conflicts can be handled by MIND and the leaders in an attempt to delay the destruction as players often need to cooperate to gain time to evacuate citizens on colonies before Earth is destroyed. When the last district is destroyed Earth is destroyed but by this time MIND and leaders need to colonize new places and evacuate as many citizens they can. Once Earth is destroyed the game does not end but it develops on the Solar map until one side gains enough achievements to win the game.

Players manage citizens, move inside colonies and spaceships, operate structures and explore the Solar System. Colonial and space battles settle conflicts and players gain experience and powerful items and abilities. As the rebellion gets stronger, MIND also gets stronger, by gaining more and more servers and growing in power.

What makes the game unique?
1. The game puts the players in the middle of a world conflict that always ends with the destruction of Earth. By the time Earth is destroyed the players, by all means, must evacuate as many citizens they can by researching technologies and building spaceships to move citizens inside colonies in the Solar System.

2.MIND is responsible of managing the Citizens of Earth, finding ways to gain resources, researching new technologies and exploring the Solar System. MIND builds spaceships, colonies, structures inside those colonies and fights of the great rebellion led by the leaders Andrew, Bruno and Irene.

3.The leaders play more of a role playing game where they manage themselves and their party. The leaders move inside the world that MIND creates and recruit citizens to fight for their cause and become their followers. Using powerful weapons, armors, devices and many more the leaders try and save mankind from MIND and his ruling.

4. Explore the Solar System with powerful spaceships, colonize planets and moons, manage citizens inside these colonies and spaceships and take part of great colonial and space battles.

5. Move your character and your units inside colonies and spaceships and also manage the civilization at a macro level in the Solar System.

6. Play with lots of detailed miniatures for spaceships and colony structures and enjoy the great amount of good quality components, from decks of cards to tokens and boards.

7. Customize your leaders and your followers with powerful character cards and use them in combat.

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