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Parsec: Age of Colonies

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Parsec: Age of Colonies
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Playing Time Playing time
45 - 180 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Dal Tenda
Language dependence Language dependence
No necessary in-game text
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Categories Categories
- Economic - Science Fiction - Exploration - Exploration - War -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Area Control / Area Influence - Card Drafting - Dice Rolling - Partnerships - Trading - Modular Board - Campaign / Battle Card Driven -
Authors Authors
- Giangiacomo Borghese - Ranieri Panchetti -

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"Parsec: Age of Colonies"
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From the publisher: "Parsec - Age Of Colonies" The Ultimate sci-fi board game. "Parsec - Age Of Colonies" is a unusual 4x with a mix of resource management and fleet space combat, using dice rolls and card decks. Colonize and control planets and asteroids, gain resources, expand your domain and build a powerful fleet to rule the galaxy! In Parsec: Age of Colonies you can achieve victory in different ways: taking control of space economic system, colonizing most of the planets or crushing your enemies one by one with your war fleet. Turn in your favor cosmic events like black holes, space-time distorsions, meteor swarms and much more. During the struggle for total domination, you will have the chance to break through new scientific discoveries that will let you develop your space navigation capability, your weapons and your defenses, helping you achieve your goals. Watch your enemies, because they won't just seat there. They will oppose you by all means with sabotage, spying, interfering in your commercial negotiations or stealing your technologies and vessels. Ally with your opponents in order to gain strategic advantages or striking down more powerful enemies. Will you colonize the Galaxy to control its riches or will you use them to move to war against your enemies? This call is only yours! In Parsec: Age of Colonies in order to found a new galactic empire, players must colonize the planets and take control of asteroids, building colonies and cargo ships that will let them extract the three key resources: Titanium, Gold and Energy. Using a blend of strategy and war tactics, you must find the right balance to achieve your goals, taking advantage of the peculiar abilities of your Faction and of the rich deck of Event cards divided in four categories: Strategic Events [ Technologies, Weapons, Tactical actions ] Natural Events [ Black holes, Asteroid fields and similar ] Bonus Events [ Additional resources, Vessels ] Permanent Events [ Building capabilities, Attack and Defense ] With the modular game board, the Event cards and the Faction cards, every game will be different. You will be able to explore and fight in always different battle scenarios and to experiment with always new combat strategies. Each of this key gameplay elements will let you live unprecedented epic galactic battles. The scifi themed board games are usually very complex, somehow cluttered by dozens of parts used to represent almost anything. In Parsec - Age Of Colonies this is not true, the game is very simple and easy to learn. All the technology has been moved onto the cards. The cards decide your faction, the faction (almost) decide your strategy. Cards are divided in four classes (strategic, natural, bonus and permanent) and are constantly flowing through players that can buy, use, steal or sell them in order to achieve specific goals. This approach, along with dice rolling, the modular board and the factions randomness, add a virtually endless replay value to the game. Players can bind alliances on the fly to combat against other players when they are too close to victory, but without knowing the enemy's card deck it will be anyway a difficult task. Parsec - Age Of Colonies is much more deeper than it looks at a first glance. Quick and easy trading capabilities also has been added, just to add some spice to the overall tense taste of the game. Over a year in play-testing, polishing the design and refining gameplay, adding more depth to various elements of the game. The game rules are rock-solid and fully scalable, and have been thoroughly tested considering all possible game scenarios. The rules are simple yet deep enough even for the more demanding gamers. The cards, as said, play a pivotal role in the gameplay. You will gain access to special items or additional resources, diplomacy, weapons and, most important, you'll be able to unleash the power of natural events in your favor. The game is made by three playset for two players each that can be combined together to form a massive playing field, up to six (or more...) players. In each set there are: 46 colored pawns for each player 2 dices 4 event counters 6 table modules 35 Event cards 60 Resource cards (titanium, energy and gold) 4 Faction cards. 
Furthermore, additional Event card decks and two more expansion sets are arriving to bring the total player numbers to eight, for even more challenging games! In PARSEC - AGE OF COLONIES® you can achieve victory in different ways: taking control of space economic system, colonizing most of the planets, or crushing your enemies one by one with your war fleet. The game will be released fully translated in english and italian.

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Price : 38,90 €
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