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Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius

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Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius
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Playing Time Playing time
15 - 45 min.
Number of players Number of players
Suggested age Suggested age
Rules language Rules language
Box language Box language
Year published Year published
Publisher Publisher
Punch-It Entertainment LLC
Language dependence Language dependence
No necessary in-game text
Useful links Useful links
Categories Categories
- Bluffing - Deduction - Industry / Manufacturing - Renaissance -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Area Control / Area Influence - Tile Placement - Take That -
Authors Authors
- Jason Little - Dylan Shepherd - Lucas Zerby -

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"Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius"
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Description from the publisher: Pompeii, a glorious city unaware of its own imminent demise. Powerful families vie for control over key districts throughout the city. Once the districts are complete, however, the mighty volcano erupts, sending its destructive lava to burn away what these families worked so hard to build. Only a few remnants of the once proud city still stand. The family clever, and fortunate enough to secure its influence during both the development and destruction of Pompeii claims victory. Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius is a light weight tile laying game, complete with bluffing, building, and destruction. The game is played in two phases. During the first phase, the Pompeii phase, players will be placing their warehouse tiles into various warehouse districts throughout the city of Pompeii. The tiles have a guild icon on one side and a numerical value on the other. Face down tiles are worth one influence on the cities district, and player may choose to reveal the numerical side to all the players in the game and gain influence equal to the numerical value of the tile, and any other tiles still face down in the district. Each district will be scored for first, second, and third place at the end of the Pompeii Phase. During the second phase, The Vesuvius Phase, players take the role of the mountain, and begin placing lava tokens flowing down from Vesuvius into the city. Each lava token will give the player access to remove a warehouse tile from the board. After all lava tokens have been placed, players will flip up the numerical side of each warehouse tile still on the board and score bonus points for any tiles left. They will earn more points for each tile that is closer to the top of the mountain.

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