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The Manhattan Project: Quantum Theory

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The Manhattan Project: Quantum Theory
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Playing Time Playing time
30 - 60 min.
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Publisher Publisher

The Game Crafter, LLC
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Categories Categories
- Dice - Economic - Industry / Manufacturing - War -
Game mechanics Game mechanics
- Dice Rolling - Worker Placement -
Authors Authors
- Bret Swanson -

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"The Manhattan Project: Quantum Theory"
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In The Manhattan Project: Quantum Theory you are racing against other players to first research and then build nuclear bombs. The technology is new, however, and all players are simultaneously competing in its research! This creates a tense atmosphere where players have to watch out for someone else beating them to nuclear technology they are trying to research. Quantum Theory is a medium-weight dice game set in the Manhattan Project universe for 1-4 players. Players familiar with The Manhattan Project will find familiar concepts: Players expand their city infrastructure by constructing buildings, and laborers, scientists, and engineers mine yellowcake to refine into enriched uranium and ultimately build nukes. In Quantum Theory, workers are represented by dice. At the heart of the game is a dice-based competition to research bomb plans. Once a player has researched a plan and obtained the necessary uranium they can assign dice to build and thereby score it! GAMEPLAY On a player's turn they roll worker dice to determine the types of workers and resources available to them for that turn. Each player also has additional dice of their own that represent scientist and engineer workers. Players first use these worker dice to take actions such as constructing buildings, hiring more workers, generating income, mining yellowcake, and producing enriched uranium. Play then proceeds to the Bomb Phase where scientists and engineers first research and then build bombs. Bomb cards depict between 2 and 4 pipped die faces. To research a bomb, a player must have scientist and/or engineer dice matching all of the faces shown on its card. Players roll their scientists and engineers each turn or might use special Research Lab buildings to expedite results. If a player does not complete research in a single turn they can assign dice to matching bomb plans, making future attempts easier. Spies can also steal other players' research. Each bomb also has a uranium cost and build difficulty. To build a researched bomb a player must roll a combined total meeting or exceeding the bomb's difficulty on their scientist and engineer dice as well as pay the required uranium. Once built players score the point value of the bomb! Play continues until a player has reached the target point threshold. The player with the highest bomb points wins!

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